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As life is a little different this spring and in order to bring some fun back to the season, we are proposing a different type of Egg Hunt this year, but we need your help to make it happen!

We would like to cover the town in Eggs, they must be visible from the road, decorated in any way you choose, they can be wooden, cardboard, plastic, drawn on your driveway in chalk, a pile of rocks, a mural, hanging from a tree, on top of a mail box, next to your driveway... let your imagination run free and create your own decorated egg!

Then tell us where your egg is located.  Send us the Street Name and Number, we will create a list and post it on this WOW Website (www.wowbury.org) on Friday April 9th for everyone to conduct their own hunt and see how many eggs they can find around town!

How do join in:  If you wish to participate please email us at wow@woodburyct.org, or call 203-263-3113 and we will add your egg location to the list!

During the weekend of April 10, 11 and 12, take a drive around town to the locations on the list and go on an egg hunt around Woodbury and look for all the Eggs displayed!

Thank you, and we really hope that you will join in this fun activity to bring some Spring Fun to our days, while still adhering to social distancing protocols that are so important at this time.

Please note: W.O.W. is not supplying materials.


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