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After over 100 volunteer hours of work Woodbury will now has its first Disc Golf Course!

A par 3, nine hole course was officially opening up to the public on August 1st, 2019. 

The course begins at Orenaug Park entrance in the Senior Center parking lot at

265 Main Street South, Woodbury. 

We wanted the course to be something that could be enjoyed by people from age 9 to 95. 
All the holes are short (between 100 and 200 feet). You can borrow a disc to play with and so you can literally come with nothing, and if you like it you could play whenever you want without paying a cent.

No Disc? No Problem!
WOW has provided discs for those who would like to participate or try out the course.

The discs will be available to check out at the Woodbury Public Librarywith your library card. 

Here is a link to the RULES FOR DISC GOLF

For more information, to print off extra scorecards, specifics on each hole, and more click here

And MORE specifics and ratings on the course! Click HERE!

Have you found a LOST disc? CHECK FOR CONTACT INFO on the back of the disc, then contact the owner. If there is none, then drop the disc into the LOST & FOUND box. Thank you!

Would you like to play in a group setting? There is a Disc Golf Meetup that meets on Tuesdays, at 5:30 PM. Bad weather will cancel the meetup for that day. Meet at the Woodbury Senior Center parking lot. 

Disc Golf Course at Orenaug Park