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Sunday, May 6

4:00 PM

Woodbury Senior Community Center

Presented by Western CT Area Agency on Aging, this is a free group demonstration of various tech devices such as magnifiers, amplifiers, specialty tablets, talking watches, smart pens, vibrating alarm clocks and much more. Please sign up at (203) 263-2828.

EFT with Stacey Altomari

Pomperaug District Department of Health Presents SHOAR. Topics discussed will include overdose awareness for people who rely on prescription medication for pain, risk factors for overdose and signs & symptoms of prescription misuse, and overdose response, including Narcan, used to reverse an accidental overdose. Registration is not required. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, please call 203-264-9616, extension 4.

Thursday, May 17

7:00 PM

Woodbury Senior Community Center

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Friday, May 11

1:00 PM
Woodbury Senior Community Center

EFT with Stacey Altomari - Friday, May 11 at 1 pm at the Senior Center - EFT is a form of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.  It is light tapping with your fingertips to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points, resulting in a balancing of the energy system and allowing the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities.  Safe and easy to do, EFT has been shown to reduce stress and cortisol levels (stress hormones) by as much as 24-48%.  Come learn how EFT works and what it can do for you. 
Please sign up at (203) 263-2828.

With Dana Christos of River Glen Health Care Center.-  Experiment with cake decorating tips in this free class.  Please sign up - class is limited to 10 people. Please sign up at (203) 263-2828.

Gadgets & Gismos to Make Your Life Easier 

"The Long Struggle for Israel-Palestine" Lecture by Dr. Jeremy Pressman

Senior Health Opiate Awareness and Response (SHOAR)

Funded through a grant from the Woodbury-Bethlehem Community Music Foundation, Inc. through the Thomaston Savings Bank, the Leroy Anderson Foundation, the Woman's Club of Woodbury, Charcoal Chef Restaurant, and music lover patrons. For more information contact Sharon Sherman at 203-695-5410.


Mathew Duman highlights a selection of gargoyles & grotesques found throughout the buildings of Yale University's campus in New Haven, Ct at the Woodbury Public Library on Thursday, May 24 at 7:00 pm. Using original photographs from his book, "An Education in the Grotesque", he explores the artistic, historic, architectural & even humorous significance of these decorative sculptures & their role in communicating the identity of Yale University as a place of learning & enlightenment.
Mathew Duman grew up in Bethany, Ct & works as a photographer & graphic designer at the Knights of Columbus in New Haven. He attended the gargoyle-free campus of Central Connecticut State University but while studying abroad, became fascinated with the architectural detail of the cathedrals of Britain. Mathew has since taken photographic trips to Italy, Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

Register at www.woodburylibraryct.org or more information please contact the library at 203-263-3502.

Thursday, May 24

7:00 PM

Woodbury Public Library

Because neither side in the battle for Israel-Palestine is going to disappear, ending the struggle for Israel-Palestine would require Israeli and Palestinian concessions. When we think about resolving the conflict the same old options are on the table, variants of the one-state and two-state solution. This talk will consider the core questions: What are the differences between the variants? What are the pros and cons for each option? What obstacles stand in the way of realizing a resolution?  This is the topic Associate Professor Jeremy Pressman will be addressing at the Woodbury Senior/Community Center on May 17 at 7:00 p.m.  The talk, open to all, culminates this year's Great Decisions Discussion program, sponsored by the Jill Smith Fund at the Woodbury Library.  Dr. Pressman's talk is sponsored by funding from the Martin DeSomma Memorial given to the Woodbury Public Library last year.  Dr. DeSomma had an avid interest in current events.  To register for this program, please visit www.woodburylibraryct.org or call the library at 203-263-3502 for more information.
Jeremy Pressman is associate professor of political science and director of Middle East Studies at the University of Connecticut. He is co-director, with Prof. Erica Chenoweth, of the Crowd Counting Consortium at crowdcounting.org; they write a monthly column at the Washington Post on protests in the United States. He has written two books, Warring Friends: Alliance Restraint in International Politics (Cornell University Press, 2008) and Point of No Return: The Deadly Struggle for Middle East Peace, with Geoffrey Kemp (Brookings Institution Press, 1997).  His articles have appeared in Diplomatic History, International Security, Cooperation & Conflict, Perspectives on Politics, Security Studies, and elsewhere. Pressman is on twitter @djpressman, http://jeremy-pressman.uconn.edu

Cake Decorating 101

Tuesday, May 15

2:30 - 4:00 PM

Woodbury Senior Community Center

Lecture on Yale's Gargoyles at the Woodbury Public Library

The "Friends" of the Woodbury Senior/Community Center Present theHaven String Quartet

Tuesday, May 29

2:00 PM

Woodbury Senior Community Center

Tuesday, May 22

1:30 PM

Woodbury Senior Community Center

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